The Power of the Destiny Cards for Parents!

My son Rama arrives home this evening from South Africa after a serious bout with malaria. He had entered the hospital in Cape Town on the Sunday prior to his scheduled departure after a 2 month adventure wandering around South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and probably other places I’m not aware of and having experiences I may not even want to know about.

This was by no means his first intense foreign country experience and will certainly not be his last. How do I as a fairly normal parent feel about that? (Normal perhaps only in the sense of wanting my children to be safe and secure and without suffering…)

There is a line in the Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna is exhorting a reluctant Arjuna as a renown warrior to fight in the battle of good versus evil. He says, “Better to die in one’s own dharma than to live in another’s.” (Dharma is commonly defined as the path that upholds evolution or the individual’s highest soul purpose.)

Because of my knowledge of the Destiny Card system, I am aware of my children’s basic natures and I realize how important it is that they live those natures fully and in their highest expression in order to be fulfilled and to progress in this lifetime. What’s important is their soul’s desires for them rather than mine. And the Destiny Cards give me insight to their strengths, weaknesses and soul’s desires and as to how best support these.

Whatever my son’s experiences and this was a tough one, I can rest in the knowledge that he is living in his dharma.

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